The Davis Computer Science Club

We cultivate the professional development of our members and connect them with other passionate peers

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Who We Are

The Davis Computer Science Club (DCSC) organizes and connects UC Davis students interested in the field of computer science. We cultivate the professional development of our members and augment their education with practical skills and projects.

We strive to provide a fun and supportive community through our weekly events; some of our past events have been Hack-A-Website, Courses Preview, Land That Internship, and Intro to Deep Learning.


Our club hosts a variety workshops each quarter ranging from interview preparation to ios development.


Come to socials for fun and conversation. Past events include De-Stressers, Byte/Bit, and the Demo Day showcase.

Open to All

You don't have to be computer sicence major; we invite everyone who is interested in technology!


Becoming a DCSC member is by no means required but helps support the clubs and gives you some cool perks like being listed further down on this page. To officially join, you simply need to pay $5 and attend at least 3 events; membership is on a per quarter basis.

Can I attend events without becoming a member?

Yes! Our events are always open to everyone regardless of membership status.

Dues must be must be paid in-person during any of our weekly events.

Anyone, regardless of official membership, can attend our events.

If you have any financial burden, or feel like you cannot pay the due, please privately message Davis Computer Science Club on Facebook or come talk to us in-person!

Members help support the club but more importantly, you get to be included further down on this page (optional) with links to your website/LinkedIn/etc. Additional perks include stickers and more are coming soon!

All DCSC events count! Please note that this excludes review sessions and any other sub-clubs.

Upcoming Events

We host events every week! Check out some of our upcoming events below.

Coding Conundrum

DCSC will be holding "Coding Conundrum" this Thursday (1/25/18) from 7 PM - 8 PM in Kemper 1131. At this event, participants will be given a pre-made, sample game that can be tweaked or altered into a unique program -- be it changing the design or adding different levels.

You'll be challenged to think outside the box, but also be given the oppurtunity to practice technical skills for debugging, adding new functions, or simply, make your ideas work into code.

At the end of the event, each altered program will be judged, and the participant who's program is deemed best will receive a prize!

**Students of any skill level is encouraged to come out to our event!**

DCSC Officers

Our 2017-2018 Board

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Sam Tsoi

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Andrew Cope

Vice President
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Bryan Ngo

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Nikita Andrikanis

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Corey Mason

Director of Technology
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Prajakta Surve

Director of Design
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Peter Kim

Director of Public Relations
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Alisha Nanda

Pragmatic Programming Chair
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Jeffrey Warner

Professional Development Chair

Get In Touch

The easiest way to contact us is directly through this form or the email listed below! You can also reach us through Facebook and of course, at our weekly meetings. Please do not contact individual officers directly without good reason.